Time Table of General Parliamentary Lok Sabha Election 2014 in India

indiaThe forthcoming 2014 Lok Sabha polls may indicatively to be conducted in the second week of April month in about six to seven phases.
The first phase of ge 2014 will run between 7th to 10th april 2014.
There are lot many modifications in the election system this year in 2013 with expenses limit decreased from seventy to fotry lakh rupees.
There is no ‘none of the above option’ for the voters.

The Election Commission will give an official statement on the date of election start either on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.
The present working period of the fifteenth Lok Sabha is expiring on 1.6.2014 and thus a new govt to be established by 31.5.2014.

Earlier in 2009 there were five phases of electioneering and of this year 2014 would be the longest election period being 6 to 7 phases of election.

Only the naxalite and north of india will be part of 2014 Lok Sabha first phase elections.
With the other state assembly elections like Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Sikkim will also be conducted simulataneously.

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